About Me 👋

I’m a software engineer by trade, occasional writer, and recovering musician from Bombay, currently living in The Netherlands.

My day job is at an Amsterdam-based eyewear company, where I work to keep the orders coming in, payments processed, and customers happy. It mostly involves writing Ruby code; I cannot imagine nicer employment.

I love to read, with an interest in history and geopolitics. I care deeply about human rights, global equality, and how the events of the past continue to influence our modern culture and societies.

I’ve been an amateur musician since an early age, and consider myself a decent guitarist and singer; results vary. I once harboured ambitions of touring the world with a rock band, but now remain content with taking my acoustic guitar to the local park and jamming with the birds.

Career History

Logo of Ace & Tate Ace & Tate

Backend Developer | –Current

My team is responsible for commerce APIs to handle orders across both retail and online channels, business processes automation, and building applications to support Ace & Tate's ongoing operations.

Logo of ABN AMRO Bank ABN AMRO Bank

Full-Stack Engineer – Data |

As a member of the bank's Chief Architect & Data Management department, I worked on projects to collate data from varied silos across the organisation, and build in-house analytics software to provide senior executives with data-driven insights into the overall business.

Logo of

Programmer | is a restaurant guide based in The Netherlands; I contributed to the online guide, integrations with social media, software for content managers, and website builder for restaurants.


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